The i Capital International Value Fund (ARSN 134 578 180) primarily invests in a managed portfolio of securities, which includes shares, stocks, warrants and bonds, issued by companies listed on / in over 42 stockmarkets / countries globally.

The fund is designed for investors seeking to gain capital appreciation with minimal risk and margin of error over a long term.

Investment Style and Philosophy

We term our investment philosophy as “Intelligently Eclectic”. It is primarily based on the time-tested value investing philosophy. We will select a company where there is a disparity between the company’s market price and its intrinsic value.

Unlike conventional value investing, we adapt our value investing philosophy, incorporate key macro-economic factors and take into account the country that the fund is investing in when we invest globally.

Our research and experience tell us that different countries and stockmarkets with different economic, political and corporate structures may demand different investment approaches. We believe that incorporating key macro-economic variables and structures in our investment philosophy plays an essential part in our value investing framework. The objective is to obtain a sound investment framework that allows us to have a clear perspective of how economies, markets and sentiment interact and how this interaction influences the fund’s investments. We believe that our “Intelligently Eclectic” value investing philosophy provides us with an edge in identifying investment opportunities for the fund.

How to Invest

Minimum Investment = $20,000 AUD

Please download and read our product disclosure statement which contains more details on the i Capital International Value Fund. On page 35 you will find a section on how to invest followed by the application form.

For more information please contact our client services line 1300 798 655 (Australia Only) or +61 2 8016 2894 (International), alternatively you can email us at info@capitaldynamics.com.au

Factsheet of i Capital International Value Fund Product Disclosure Statement & Application Form Additional Investment Form Withdrawal Form
Download Factsheet Download Product Disclosure Statement

Download Additional Information Booklet

Download Application Form
Download Additional Investment Form Download Withdrawal Form

Providing Identification Details

The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 requires investors in the i Capital International Value Fund, to provide identification details and certified copies of the identity documents specified in the application form. Where any required document provided is in a language that is not English, it must be accompanied by an English translation prepared by an accredited translator.

We do not return identity documents to investors, so please do not send original documents to us.

Click here for the list of persons who can certify identity documents.