The 3 ‘i‘s behind i Capital

We believe that successful investing involves the 3 ‘i‘s – Independence, Intelligence and Integrity.

  • Independence

Capital Dynamics is an independent fund management and investment advisory house. We are not affiliated with any financial institution, stock broking companies, political or government organisation, preventing any possible conflicts of interest from arising.

Capital Dynamics is owner-operated. For our clients, this represents the assurance of consistency and continuity in our investment approach when managing clients’ portfolios.

  • Intelligence

Capital Dynamics does not act on tips, rumours, and hearsay, but only on an intimate knowledge of investments, based on intelligent and objective analysis. Our research is independent and we have our in-house team of professionals to analyse companies, industries, markets and economies first-hand.

  • Integrity

Our success is undeniably tied with our clients’ success. While it sounds abstract, Capital Dynamics believes that integrity will in the long run show in the investment returns our clients receive.